Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Amason Twins - Hallelujah! The Lord Is Coming Again

"Hello there, bretheren. We're the Amason Twins!"
"That's right, and have we got a great deal for you!"
"Our recent George Washington haircuts made us realize that all the Lord really wants for his flock is to save money!"
"Exactly! Just like we saved money on our suits by making them out of cheap linoleum patterns, we too can save you money in the eyes of Jesus!"
"Just be sure to pick up our new LP, and we can tell you all about God and his wonderful plans for you and your money!"

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Bob A said...

LOL! Boyd and Floyd were good friends of mine in college. The plaid jackets were high fashion in the mid-70s. And, they must be coming back — Al Roker was wearing a madras plaid jacket on the Today Show a few days ago.