Thursday, May 10, 2007

Billy May - Cha Cha! (1960)

OK, we get it, it's a fucking cha-cha album. You don't need to put "cha cha" at the end of every single fucking song title. Jesus christ this is almost as bad as any given polka record.

Aside from the irritating name scheme, I'm trying to figure out just what is up with that dress. If you cover her top half she looks like some sort of weird sea creature, one with a love of gold lamé and pink chiffon. This is to say nothing of Ali Balding and his confused ethnicity outfit. The dog is obviously trying to be the black version of Petey from Our Gang and thus looks the least stupid of everybody on this cover.

1 comment:

Adam said...

what an original concept - a person tries to make his/herself feel important by making fun of album covers & using his intelligence to come up with such high-order, curse-word infested prose. Sublime.