Tuesday, July 15, 2008

moe. - No Doy (1996)

moe. must have realized a bit too late that having a photo of a man with a nail driven through his skull on an album cover was pretty morbid and sent the wrong message about what listening to the band's music might cause you to do to yourself. Their solution of painting the nailed man hazard-cone orange with Prince purple eyes and giving him a big, dopey smile was a fairly inelegant (not to mention ineffectual) fix for this problem.


Krissie said...

Gawd, I hope you didn't stop posting entirely cuz I just found this blog yesterday and have been laughing my ass off since.
Well, I slept some in the mean time, to be honest. But my point is that this is BLOODY HILARIOUS!

D-HOR said...

He DOES look pretty happy :P Goofy part is that I didn't even notice the nail until you mentioned it.

I'm so observant. :P

DUDE !!! Funny blog you've got here I found it through a friend. Are you going to come back???

Lindy said...

Ok dude for real, I've went back and read like a bunch and you are freaking hilarious!

I LOOOVVVE how mean you were on the Campbells Soup ad-thing! EEEE!!! Ok so WHY don't you have more commenters? Do you have many readers? You totally should, I can't understand why you wouldn't.

Come back to us!!!

Anonymous said...

There has to be more terrible album art you want to comment on!

Don't stop!

Anonymous said...

have you even listened to the album?
if you did you'd have known why they made the album art look like that.

Ashley Pomeroy said...

Now, if only you'd covered maybe seven or eight records a month instead of seventy; you'd still be going!

dog. said...

say what you will, its a great fuckin album.