Monday, August 27, 2007

Elvis Costello - Spike (1989)

Can someone tell me what the hell is going on here? I love Elvis Costello dearly, but I'd really like to know where the hell Costello got the idea that what we'd love to see most on an album cover is his creepy, disembodied head mounted to a wall. I'm not even going to get into the clown makeup applied over his facial hair. Jesus, this is the stuff of nightmares.

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Anonymous said...

He said that this cover represented what he was to Columbia records at this point- an ugly, mounted trophy on a wall-the pet songwriter they captured and kept from selling records because he wouldn't play the industry games-so they just hung him on the wall when his records came out, as a sort of vanity statue until the contract was up. Spike was his first Lp for his new label-Warner Brothers. I liken it to Graham parker's song Mercury Poisoning, when he left Mercury. A swipe at the old label.