Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Jimmy Jenson - Understand Your'e Swede

Jesus Christ, how many kids does this guy have? It almost looks like he's just standing there, dumbfounded, while his wife is telling him "Looks like the fertility meds worked! I squeezed out a few more while you were out today. Hope this isn't an inconvenience!" Meanwhile, the guy's holding a bag full of dead squirrels since that's all he managed to kill with his hatchet while out in the woods that day and he realizes that there's far too many children to feed now. Then the mental picture I have starts to go into slasher-flick territory, so maybe we'll see a sequel entitled "Understand Your'e Swede 2: Die, Swedes, Die!"

This album cover also teaches us that Engrish isn't just a Japanese phenomenon.

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Agervig said...

And it even includes a spelling mistake!