Friday, February 23, 2007

Heino - Liebe Mutter... (1971)

While loving one's mother is a sweet thing to do and all, it doesn't help me figure out just what the hell Heino's gender is supposed to be. I look into his/her's gigantic glasses and stare into those blue, bugged eyes and no answer comes to me. The fuller lips SUGGEST that Heino is female, but their overall facial structure seems to suggest otherwise. The cute roses obscure Heino's upper body, making it difficult to ascertain secondary sexual characteristics. When I look at an album cover, I don't really want it to turn into a game of "guess the gender of the creepy Teutonic 'It's Pat,'" especially not when anyone's mother is involved.


Devans00 said...

Hmm, Is this Heino or his mother? Could be either since these pictures of him look like the image on the album cover.

Anonymous said...

Heino's voice is deeper than Hitler's bunker. Heino is definitely a dude.