Saturday, February 24, 2007

Big Bear - Doin' Thangs (1998)

Occasionally, album covers are so terrible or so ridiculous that they almost become awesome again. This is a perfect example. The entire scene is so ridiculous that it's hard not to like it on some level. The bears, all blinged out and drinking out of impossibly huge pimp cups. Big Bear himself in the middle of the cave, sharing his bounty of nuts, berries, and blunts. The constant use of lens flares. The fact that words "Big Bear" are made out of slowly-dripping honey. If nothing else, you really have to admire Big Bear for sticking so doggedly to a theme. Of course then you start imagining these bears in the 'hood, getting into a turf war with a gang of pumas, and then the Yogi Bear theme starts up in my head and the whole concept starts falling apart.

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