Monday, April 9, 2007

Vienna State Opera Orchestra - Dvorak's Overtures Opus 91,92,93 and Slavonic Rhapsody #2

You know, when I first saw this album cover, it struck me as being bad, but nothing special. Some woman is holding her feet, which have painted nails. Weird, slightly degrading, possibly shooting for a foot-fetish crowd; pretty normal highlights for a rock album cover.

Then I looked at the artist info and I realized that this is for a CLASSICAL album cover, which quite frankly makes no sense at all. Were the 70s (presumably when this was made, given the color choices and photographic quality) such a horribly anticultural time period that marketers had to try any means necessary to get people to listen to classical music? Well, I guess the 70s gave us disco, so I'll have to say "why not."

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