Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Addicts Sing (1963)

Another in the realm of odd Christian arcana. After roping up disabled or deformed people to sing about Jesus and make people feel better about themselves became too boring, I guess the Christian music community hitmakers decided on another strategy. This time, they'd throw together a group of former drug addicts to sing about how the love of JESUS made them stop injecting heroin or smoke crack or whatever so that people could feel better about themselves THAT way.

Maybe my view of the music industry is flawed, given the countless collapsed veins on the likes of people like Iggy Pop and Keith Richards, but I'd think that the music industry would be the very LAST place you'd want to expose to former addicts. It'd be like making an Alcoholics Anonymous member the owner of a liquor store.

Then again, maybe cutting off the addicts' heads and crudely pasting them onto a drawing of a skyline is supposed to make sure they can never inject ever again since how are you supposed to do heroin if you don't have any hands to inject yourself with?

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