Saturday, March 10, 2007

Chris Lee - Cool Rock (2003)

Helpful Hints to Make Your Album Cover One to Remember:
1) Ditch that bedhead! The tousled look hasn't been trendy since the 80s, so be sure to get a comb and lay it out nice!
2) Stubble is icky! The clean-shaven look is always a nice touch and makes you more presentable!
3) Be sure to get plenty of rest! Nobody wants you to look all bleary and bloodshot for your big photo shoot!
4) Fix those dental problems! An overbite just won't fly at all!

If you forget to follow these helpful tips, your IQ might look like it dropped by about 50 or so points, which is a total bummer! Not even oversaturating your photo will make it look better. :(

Just be sure to follow these tips and your album cover will shine bright!

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