Sunday, March 11, 2007

Milton Babbitt - Music of Milton Babbitt (2003)

When it comes to artwork, bargain-basement compilations provide an endless source of mirth, bad design choices, and eye-searing pain. Since the whole point is to shove out a product with as little effort as possible, silly things like graphics designers fall by the wayside. It doesn't matter if you're a groundbreaking composer in the field of electronic music: as long as they can slap a nasty picture of you with severe contrast problems on an album cover with some MS Comic Sans and a few doodles the record label's daughter made in the margins of her notebook, then drench it all in colors that would make Lisa Frank vomit, it's all good. I mean, if NOFX can have a man and sheep having sexual relations on an album cover, certainly we can have Milton Babbitt cavorting in a weird checkered universe with some flowers, butterflies, and floating text bubbles.

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