Monday, March 19, 2007

Cher - Take Me Home (1979)

When sexy becomes "fucking hilarious," along with "fucking ridiculous." I imagine the conversation that took place before this one was along the lines of "Shit, I have an album cover to do? Somebody raid the set of a Harryhausen film for me! I have this sort of slutty elf valkyrie pose I've been working out. Sonny told me about this thing called 'dee and dee' and it sounds like something I should try to do!"

The best/worst part about that outfit is it's probably what provided the inspiration for Madonna's terrifyingly hilarious cone bras, along with softcorn pornography high art with her book Sex.

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blogwasp said...

LOL comment. But there's actually nothing wrong with her outfit, it's so her, and we more or less expect her to be visually over the top.
The pose is wrong. This needed a majestic pose, she standing, with a naked white blonde Viking with a chain lease around his neck at her feet.

The title of the album also turns it into a bad joke.