Sunday, March 25, 2007

Freddie Gage - All My Friends Are Dead

Not only is this one of the most depressing album covers ever, it also, paradoxically, has one of the greatest album titles ever. Seriously, I can picture this album's title on the cover of some rap album, a tribute to the rap artist's tough life on the streets where the motto is to live fast, die young. Of course, the Christians had to go and fuck it up for everybody, so we get this guy instead, whose friends probably all died from old age, boredom, or that copy of Chairman Mao's Little Red Book that he's holding in his hands. I mean come on, I could be listening to Big Bear rap about something other than Doin' Thangs if this album's title hadn't already been taken! That would've been awesome! (Then again, this is assuming an alternate reality where Big Bear actually has talent.) So fuck you, Freddie, and stop whining!

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Anonymous said...

Freddie Gage once held a revival at the Southern Baptist Church where I attended as a child (I'm now an atheist). Freddie used drugs and so did all of his friends who are referenced in the sermon/album title.

I've never forgotten the phrase in all these years and often use it as a comeback whenever the subject of friends comes up.