Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Romark - Relax... You're Going to Lose Weight

Now here's a creepy cultural relic: a hypnotherapy LP. The idea is that you'll listen to this LP, presumably when going to sleep, and the soothing voice of Romark will penetrate into your subconscious. Then, through the power of suggestion, Romark will make it so that you start to lose weight. At least, I think that's what Romark wants you to believe. Looking at his face, I can't help but feel that his intent is far more sinister. It seems more like he wants to hypnotise you into a stupor so that he can take advantage of you, both physically and mentally, before discarding you in his basement/dungeon with the rest of his unwilling love slaves and future cuts of meat.

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Rylee Strange said...

He looks like Scott Bakula's cross-eyed half-brother.