Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Celebration Road Show - Amazing Grace

When it comes to Christian album covers, weird unexplainable contrasts and dualities seem to be the norm, but this one just leaves me feeling extremely confused. I mean, what in the hell is the point of juxtaposing the photo of a grinning, joyful child with a snapshot of a passed out wino? Is this showing what Little Timmy might become? Is the point to make the album's title horrendously ironic? Is it to show the mental regression the bum has underwent due to his years of substance abuse? Is it to show that, in some weird way, no matter how flea-bitten and smelly you are, you're just as loved by Jesus as a smiling and precocious WASP-in-training? And Jesus Christ, what's with all the blue? It looks like a Smurf vomited on the camera lens.

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