Thursday, March 29, 2007

Maxwell Maltz, M.D. - Psychocybernetics (1960)

And now, the award for the most utterly recursive album cover of all time. So it's an audiobook. Fine. However, I would like to think that somebody could put more effort into making the cover than just taking a photo of the book sitting amongst some fine velvet drapery. If you're going to go that route, why even give the album a name in big print when we can already see the name of it in small print on the book? Perhaps they were worried that their target audience would assume the name of the album was "FAMOUS PLASTIC SURGEON'S REMARKABLE DISCOVERY" instead of the obvious.

Speaking of recursiveness, I love the line "A New Way to GET MORE LIVING OUT OF LIFE." It's currently enabling me to get more laughing out of laughter.

(My apologies to the fine guys at Retrocrush for co-opting their image.)

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